Cremation Service

Cremation is Changing

Today more and more families are choosing to host a memorial ceremony or funeral service followed by cremation.

Some families choose to have the cremation of their loved one take place prior to a memorial gathering, which can be large or discreet, so the urn can be present during the service.

It is important to understand that when cremation is selected, you and your family have options about whether to bury, entomb or scatter the cremated remains.


The Ridley Difference 

From the moment you call upon our team in your time of need, to the final resting place of your loved one, our team works hard to ensure that you and your family are treated with kindness, professionalism, patience and compassion.


See Cremation Differently

We believe in saying good-bye. No matter how elaborate or discreet your service for your loved one, we believe all families benefit from ceremony, ritual and quiet reflection.

Until recently, families choosing direct cremation often missed out on actively celebrating the life and publicly mourning their loved one.

At Ridley we offer families a unique setting for saying their final good-byes. Our Comfort Suites provide your family a comfortable and informal space to gather with your loved one before cremation takes place.

Please, allow our team to help you see cremation differently.


Discuss Your Cremation Options in Etobicoke

To learn more about cremation in Etobicoke and our complete funeral services, please call (416) 259-3705 or email one of our funeral directors. Our staff will respond to your disposition request in a respectful manner and in accordance to the faith, religion or cultural background of your loved one. We work in tandem with all cemeteries and crematoriums so we can create a seamless, convenient and affordable service for you and your family. Consult with Ridley Funeral Home to learn more.


Overseas Burial Assistance

For families wishing to have their loved ones buried abroad, Ridley works with every consulate, embassy and overseas agency.

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