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Burial Services in Toronto

Up until recent decades, burial has been the most common final disposition method families choose. Traditionally, families will have their loved one embalmed, placed in a casket, and displayed for a viewing. After the funeral services are over, the casket holding the deceased will be placed in the ground and buried. A grave marker will be placed in the ground so families can visit their loved one’s grave later on.

What Is a Burial?

Burial is a type of final disposition where the deceased is placed into the ground. Traditionally, the deceased is embalmed and placed into a casket that is buried. However, natural burials are becoming more common. Typically, in this case, the body isn’t embalmed and is simply buried as is or even wrapped in a shroud and then buried.

It’s also common to do burial after cremation. This means that the deceased’s ashes are placed into the ground and buried. Typically, a grave marker or headstone will be placed where the ashes are buried. However, it is also common for people to keep their loved one’s ashes or even scatter them at a later time.  

There also is above-ground burial or entombment. This is when the deceased’s body is placed in a casket, which then remains in a mausoleum.

Why Choose Burial? 

Having a burial service allows you to give your loved one a proper funeral ceremony that they deserve. Witnessing the burial helps you honor and respect your loved one, while also helping you process their passing and cope with your grief. Additionally, you may choose burial based on your religious or personal beliefs.   

Being in nature also can bring you some comfort while mourning your loss. Research shows that being in nature helps regulate serotonin levels in the brain, which helps stabilize our overall mood.  

It also gives your family and friends a meaningful place to visit when you want to feel close to your loved one. It can be a personal or family tradition to regularly visit your loved one’s gravesite to leave flowers, share memories, or simply to sit and think about your loved one.

Burial Service Types 

Whether you want a traditional in-ground burial or an above-ground entombment in a mausoleum, our funeral home’s staff can help you plan a meaningful burial service. 

Some burial services you can choose from are: 

  • An immediate burial without a visitation or service. Your family may decide on this option if your loved one requested that there was no visitation or service. However, the funeral isn’t just about the person being honored. It’s a way for their family and friends to begin their grief journeys.
  • A visitation with an open or closed casket before the funeral service or burial. Having a visitation before the funeral service gives you an opportunity to pay your respects to the deceased and express your condolences to their family.
  • A funeral service at a funeral home, church, or another location. This typically includes prayer, readings, singing of hymns, and a eulogy about the deceased’s life.
  • A graveside service at the cemetery. You can have a graveside service instead of a traditional funeral service or in addition to a funeral service. A graveside service takes place before the burial.
  • A celebration of life service. This is similar to a traditional funeral service, but provides more opportunities for personalization. It’s often held at a unique location and more celebratory in tone rather than somber. It also can include a burial service like with a traditional service. Or, it may take place well after the funeral service, so family and friends can continue to celebrate and honor their loved one’s memory.

You also can choose to have a graveside service in addition to or instead of a traditional funeral service.

Choosing the Right Plot

Often cemetery arrangements for the final resting place are made in advance, but if this is not the case then we have very strong, lasting relationships with several cemeteries in the area. Regardless of your family’s faith or associations, we can find the best place for the burial plot. Our funeral directors will help guide you through the process of purchasing a plot that suits you, your family, and stays true to your wishes and/or the wishes of your loved one.

Customizing the Right Ceremony

Ceremonies are our way of honouring our loved one and saying our final goodbyes in a meaningful and caring way. Ridley Funeral Home specializes in organizing and hosting memorable and healing services.Whether traditional, elaborate or discreet, the burial ceremony will represent the unique life that you have gathered to celebrate. By taking care of every detail we will ensure a respectful and significant service.

Selecting the Right Casket

From the plot to the ceremony, every aspect of your loved one’s service should reflect their life and legacy. This is true right down to the casket. Traditional options like polished hardwood or bronze caskets represent an elegant and traditional farewell. Environmentally-friendly caskets are increasingly popular.

Overseas Burial Assistance

For families wishing to have their loved ones buried abroad, Ridley works with every consulate, embassy and overseas agency.

Let Us Help You Plan the Perfect Burial Service in Etobicoke

We know how hard it is to plan a funeral from writing an obituary, memorial planning to cremation and burial services.

Etobicoke and West Toronto families trust Ridley Funeral Home to plan each step of the funeral process in a gentle and compassionate manner.

Our compassionate staff is ready to help by offering expertise in burial services as well as help with pre-planning, embalming, reception, complimentary courier concierge and estate planning.

We can assist with each step of the burial process, including selecting a plot, customizing the ceremony, and finding a casket that best suits the life being honoured.

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