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Life’s Undertakings Mid-Life Mortals

A podcast dedicated to life’s great undertakings. Finding meaning and Joy in mid-life can be eclipsed by loss, grief, and disappointment. Is there anything to be learned from what breaks our heart, especially the biggest heartbreak of them all: our mortality. In this inaugural first episode of “Life’s Undertakings,” funeral director Brad Jones and writer Shannon Leahy share what life can mean when we embrace the power of loving goodbyes.

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Life’s Undertakings Myths and Mischief About Grief

Life is especially hard when working through feelings of acute grief and loss. Most people are taught to rush the bereaved into a “new normal” that doesn’t exist. Grief’s transformative power can signal new life and reinvention or signal a dark descent into shame and isolation. Brad Jones and Shannon Leahy interview funeral celebrant, grief support facilitator and death doula Maggie Shields as she shares the myths and mischief that death brings to all of us.

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Life’s Undertakings Leaving a Green Footprint 

Green burial expert Ellen Newman sits down with Brad Jones and Shannon Leahy to discuss how environmentally-friendly funerals are changing families, the planet and our relationship to leaving a loving footprint. A long-time advocate for graceful aging, Ellen believes education and life reflection are keys to empowerment and self-determination around how to say goodbye authentically, lovingly and with Earth’s legacy in mind.

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Life’s Undertakings Five Gifts of Grief 

A time travelling episode! Funeral director Brad Jones and writer Shannon Leahy look back on 2020 and peer into the coming year. With a special focus on “Holidays and Hope” and the importance of community and courage when grieving, Brad and Shannon share the Five Gifts of Grief. Pick up tools about how we can transcend suffering and access deep meaning, unshakeable resilience, and profound Love and Joy.

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