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Anne Serediuk
November 15, 1941 - August 24, 2017
3080 Lake Shore Boulevard West,
Toronto, ON
M8V 1K3
(416) 259 - 3705
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Anne Serediuk
November 15, 1941 - August 24, 2017


Anne passed away peacefully from her serious illnesses, she was a strong spirited individual, who’s wit and snappy humor, along with sarcasm, could be felt in laughter, the many times she unleashed it on you. She cared with honesty, and love for all who were in her life over the years.

Raised by her Uncle and Aunt, Anne had a been given love, that was so inspiring, that she would be care giver to many in her life. 

She was preceded by her Son Derrick at 22 years of age, she would never be the same, he took with him "A Mother's Heart”, the utmost loss, and she endured the sad estrangement of another son.

Anne was wise in life’s education, never having finished school her knack for being aware, life smart, and able to express the 1,2,3 of how to get on in this existence, was overwhelming at times.

After a harsh abandonment as a child, and living separate from all her siblings, she would become the greatest Aunt a child could have, not always present in body in the later years, but as a child we were all blessed with her presence. We ran after buses to greet her, when she was to arrive at our child hood home, it was the time of our life. All those babysitting nights, parties at the house, and family get togethers, she was there for them all. She was the “Queen” of the sandwich making. She came up with every variety, and we share these with our kids to this day. Also known as the “Ketch-up Queen”. Although she was Anne, to us she was"Nana", and that name lasted her entire life.

In later years some visits, and the hundreds of hours in phone conversations, where she taught us forgiveness, patience, love, letting go of expectations that held you hostage to your feelings. She would unwind a person’s faults, and show you the “real” person, so you could understand them, and finally get back to what was real and important, that were so many times lost in arguments, or silly misunderstanding. 


She would say “some people don’t change”, “we just learn to accept them”.

She would don phrases that we live by, that were so helpful, one being and I quote  ” No one can do anything to you; unless, you let them”. This was simply a game changer, once you really understood it. 

She would often say, that an “individual does things to another”, “because they get something out of it”, go figure that one out, and you have solved human behavior, but she somehow knew what she was talking about. 

She passed on family mementos, keeping in line with memories of those now gone. She had a knack of getting you to see a different point of view, in the many conversations held with her, and mended many bridges, some never knew, it was because of her great wisdom.

She could size up anyone, and was very nearly right each time, you could never fool her, she unfortunately never found her “great love”, but cared for so many.

We had the comfort of her Niece Debbie living on the same floor in her building, to watch over her, this relationship would serve them both, and was greatly cherished.  Debs Friend Jon always helped Nana.

As Nieces, we supported her, and give back in her later years, it was simply an act of kindness shared by all of us, to say thank you ‘‘Nana’’, for all of it.  She was the ‘calmer’ of souls.

She was the most loving to her sister Shirley and Aunt Lilly, as caregiver to them until they died. Her baby Brother Norman was a love she cherished and held close, along with his wife Mya.

Anne was preceded by her sister Pat, and brother Marvin.

Her strength in her faith carried her, never raised in any denomination, she knew God more personally than one could imagine, self taught, her vast knowledge in the Lord was at times comical, she often said  "why don’t you tell God what you're doing today”, and she would giggle”, she walked with him daily in prayer, relying on his help in these later years to see her through safely.  

She was one of the prettiest redheads with the darkest brown eyes, her beauty was second to none, she once said; “All the boys chased me, and I got caught”, perhaps God has a greater plan for Anne, this is her "Greatest Love”, and she has finally found him.